Driving Licenses, Automotive Cases & Motoring Affairs

KΥRIAKAKI” Driving School, which has been based in Thessaloniki since 1966, deals with the issuance of driving licenses for cars, motorcycles (all categories), trucks, buses, trailers.

• It grants licenses and delivers driving lessons at competitive prices, based on its knowledge and experience in the industry, which is counting over 50 consecutive years.

• Our Driving School, with two branches in Thessaloniki, has a privately-owned Center for Theoretical Education for Candidates (KE.TH.E.Y.O.), as well as for the theoretical training of extensions of all driving categories, as well as a Seminar Center for the P.E.I. (Certificate of Professional Competence) for all professional drivers.

• In addition to issuing driving diplomas, “KYRIAKAKI” Driving School in Thessaloniki undertakes all automotive cases such as renewals and revisions, copies of driving licenses and vehicle registration cards, change of ownership of all vehicles, new and replacement license plates, taxi driver’s license.

• It also undertakes issuing and renewing of tachograph cards, trailers, international diplomas for countries outside the EU, inheritance cases, engine (motor) changes, permanent deletions of vehicles, change of fuel (e.g. gasoline to LPG), retentions of vehicle ownerships, etc.

At “KYRIAKAKI” Driving School in Thessaloniki, you can attend courses to obtain driving licenses for each class.

Also, holders of driving licenses can, if they wish, extend them to other categories, renew them by profession, age, medical restrictions, etc., or change their licenses to a new type (from the old green booklets or the following pink triptychs to EU card type) and so on.


Moto Licenses (A)

1. AM category
2. A1 Category
3. A2 Category
4. A Category

Car License (B)

1. B Category
2. B1 Category
3. BE Category

Cargo Truck License (C)

1. C + P.E.I. Category
2. C1 Category
3. C Category

Passenger Bus License (D)

1. D + P.E.I. Category
2. D1 Category
3. D Category

Truck and trailer License (E)

1. E Category
2. C1E Category
3. CE Category
4. D1E Category
5. DE Category
All professional driving licenses (truck C and bus D) must now be accompanied by the Certificate of Professional Competence (C + P.E.I. and D + P.E.I. ) and can no longer be issued individually (C or D only) except for a very few exceptions.


• Extensions of diplomas to other categories.

• Renewals and Revisions of Greek and foreign Licenses.

• Changes of diplomas to a new type (card).

• Copies of Greek and foreign driving License (due to theft, damage, etc.).

• Reassignment of Point System License.

• Re-admission of Greek diplomas from foreign countries.

• International driving License for outside of EU countries.

• Publishing / renewals / copies of special taxi licenses.

• Renewals / reprints of digital tachograph cards.

• Conversions of foreign countries' Licenses without examination (from all EU countries and from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, and Australia).

• Card type of 50cc mopped Licenses (from green booklets, issued from the Road Traffic Authorities until January 2013).

KYRIAKAKI Driving School in Thessaloniki undertakes to issue all the necessary supporting documents for all categories related to all types of motoring affairs.

• New vehicle registration cards and license plates (for passenger cars, lorries and two-wheeled vehicles)

• Change of ownership of all vehicles (two-wheelers, cars, trucks, buses)

• Hereditary cases

• Copies of vehicle registration cards due to theft, loss or damage

• Vehicle plates, new or replacements for wear or loss

• Trailer licenses

• Withholding retentions of ownership

• Fuel Changes (Gasoline to LPG)

• Vehicle Color change

• Final automotive deletions for export abroad

See below the other services of the Driving School "KYRIAKAKI" in Thessaloniki.

• THEORY CENTER (KE.TH.E.Y.O.): Private Center for Theoretical Education of Candidates, all categories using audiovisual media such as video, animation, etc. Theoretical training is done in small groups, by experienced, trained and graduated trainers. In addition to the theoretical training, individual teaching is provided to each student separately, by testing and analyzing all exams questionnaires from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Guaranteed success 100% for the Traffic Code/Signs Exams.

• SEMINAR’S CENTRE FOR THE CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE (P.E.I.): Training seminars for the upgrading of third (C ') category - truck - and fourth (D') category - bus - License to C’+P.E.I. and D’+P.E.I.

• On-line testing software for all driving categories (plus P.E.I. training) for the candidate drivers only, with a code provided by the Driving School KYRIAKAKI.
test drive online
• Preparation of the Candidate Driving Instructors for the public Certification exams and Driving Exams of all vehicle categories.

• Organization of special seminars for motorcycle drivers with specific subjects (e.g. helmets - uniforms).

• Further training for drivers who forgot how to drive.

• Organization of safe driving courses in groups/clubs (upon request).

• Collaborations with IEK/KEK (private owned educational institutes).

• Seminars for pupils in schools of each grade.